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NameDon David
Year of Birth2011
Height169 cm / 16.3 hh
ColorDark Bay
Price CategorieC up to EUR 45,000
LocationLower Saxony
Offer No.16067


The GHC partner acquired this expressive young dressage horse as a foal. He has three extraordinarily good basic gaits and highly rhythmical movement. Don David has elastic movement and strikes off powerfully.



Successful many times in novice class dressage tests for young horses, including two victories in the arena. He has also been placed second and third for five times. These results involved this son of Detroit achieving scores of up to 8.4.



Don David is sensitive and is most comfortable with a person that is calm when handling him. He is very drawn to people, and one can thus quickly form a solid bond with him as a rider. He is attentive when working and very nicely behaved.


Pre-purchase inspection

X-rays can be made available.


What sort of rider does this horse need?

 A top-quality dressage horse suitable for any rider wanting to bring on this fantastic talent. Don David collects very willingly, which is one of the reasons for him being a real accumulator of ribbons.

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What has this horse achieved?

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