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Year of Birth2008
Height174 cm / 17.1 hh
ColorDark Bay
Price CategorieG more than EUR 150,000
LocationNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Offer No.16121


Fernando is now ready for Prix St. Georges tests. He consistently demonstrates his talent for the higher levels of dressage in training and can already perform his first passage moves and some one-tempi changes.



This son of Fidertanz is very successful in the arena and has already been victorious up to the medium** dressage class.



A gelding with competitive experience and a well-behaved nature. Fernando reacts calmly to stimuli in his surroundings and can also sometimes compensate for incorrect rider aids. He is always nicely ahead of his rider and thus provides a wonderful riding feeling.


Pre-purchase inspection

X-rays can be made available.


What sort of rider does the horse need?

An ideal sport horse for ambitious ladies, juniors and amateurs wishing to be successful in the advanced dressage class.

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Diana, trainer, Kentucky, USA

Diana, trainer, Kentucky, USA

 The partners represented their horses honestly and the quality of the horses was exceptional."


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What has this horse achieved?

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