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Year of Birth2011
Height168 cm / 16.2 hh
Price CategorieC up to EUR 45,000
Offer No.16166

Early life

The GHC partner discovered Avignon at the Foal Championships, where he achieved a top placing. He was then reared at the partner before being gently broken and further trained.



Avignon has been trained in line with his age and has three excellent basic gaits: an expansive walk, a swinging trot and a remarkable uphill canter. Currently able to participate in the medium dressage class. The flying changes are very good.



Placed in the novice dressage class. He will be presented in his very first M dressage test for young horses soon.



A straightforward dressage horse that cooperates well and is open. He gives a confident impression when competing.


What sort of rider does this horse need?

An expressive young horse with an exceptional figure for the upper classes of dressage. With his sweet nature and lovely rideability, he is also suitable for less experienced riders.

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Andrea, California, USA

Andrea, California, USA

The German Horse Center partners were all wonderful. The horse owners and trainers were all very friendly and helpful ..."


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What has this horse achieved?

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