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See for Yourself – Our Model

German Horse Center - Our Commitment


German Horse Center feels an obligation towards the wellbeing of the horses. We believe that the wellbeing of all our horses is the key to the lasting success of riders, trainers, horse owners and also our own company.


German Horse Center is independent and is not tied to any stables, partner or service provider.


Seriousness, quality and transparency are at the forefront of all our services.


We want to make a lasting and positive contribution to equestrian sport through our services.


In doing so, we are aware that the services we offer require not only professional competence, but also responsibility to the horse itself. This means that respect for the living being and training according to the fundamental principles of classical riding are highly valued in all our activities.


The central values of respect for the animal and for nature and the sustainability of all our activities are the basis for our business. 

Following this model, we choose stables and trainers to the best of our knowledge. This means that you won’t find horses with the apparently most spectacular gait from us. We place value on the fact that our partners train their horses diligently. For the benefit of the horse and its health, this takes time and patience.


We look at what counts.

In all our activities, we expect our employees, service providers and partners to follow this model and to notify us of any quality deficiencies. We will also look into any notifications from our clients without delay and impose consequences if necessary.


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